Thoughts On: “The Four Troublesome Heads” (1898)

Méliès’ work should always be in a film class 101 whether in college or high school. I was delighted to read Christina Wehner’s comment that she showed it to her high school class. Tangential Aside: I know of a French teacher who showed her South St. Paul High School French class “The Passion of Jeanne d’Arc” (1928). She wasn’t sure of her class’ attention span, but showed the first 20 minutes. After stopping it at that point, the class clamored to see more. She ended up showing the whole film! It just goes to show you that brilliant classic films stand the test of time—-just like Méliès’ work.


Well over a century old and only over a minute long, Un homme de têtes is one of Georges Méliès’s earliest and best-known worksI think the French title literally translates to “a man of heads,” but we know it today as The Four Troublesome Heads. Either way it’s one of your oddly blunt 1890s silent film titles. Classic 1890s cinema, am I right? Haw!


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