Why We Need John Garfield in a Cary Grant Movie

A great article highlighting the contributions of John Garfield to “Destination Tokyo”!

Silver Screenings

John Garfield is a hit with the dames. Image: Ultimate Movie RankingsJohn Garfield brags about dames he’s known. Image: Ultimate Movie Rankings

Here’s a movie from World War II: Destination Tokyo (1943). It stars Cary Grant as an American submarine captain tasked with sneaking his vessel in and out of the enemy waters of Tokyo Bay – without getting blown up.

Destination Tokyo is the supposed story of American weather “intelligence” gathering in preparation for the Doolittle Raid. According to historyonfilm.com, the film is entirely fictional; however, the website says, “the attention to detail is impressive, since the script is based on a story by a former submariner.”

Not that we (as in, yours truly) are any kind of submarine expert, but we do feel the film has lots of realistic adventure: the battle scenes with enemy ships; the dislodging of an unexploded bomb; the sneaking around Tokyo Bay. All of this transpires under the watchful eye of Captain Cary Grant.

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