A very “Zappy” post on the charismatic Cary Grant. You’ll have to read this well-thought out article to fully understand what “”Zappy” really means! Enjoy!

Once upon a screen...

Cary Grant is like a low-grade fever.  He causes an increase in body temperature above the normal.  While Mr. Grant possessed all of the qualities needed to cause a severe elevation in HEAT in any red-blooded human the fact that he was so varied a performer, so gifted in various aspects and genres of entertainment that the average effect is almost always a balance of love, heat, laughter, amazement and a special kind of swoon effect there is no word for.  Grant temperatures can fluctuate throughout the day and vary depending upon the site of measurement (which movie of his you happen to be watching).  Cary could do all of this with a quip, a smile or even a parody of himself in some instances.  He could be dangerous, mysterious, lovable, romantic, hilarious, extremely sexy or just plain gorgeous.  And when he throws all of that at you at once it’s…

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Cary Grant’s Résumé

Such a cleverly written resume of Cary Grant—I’d hire him! What a wonderful birthday tribute by Aurora!

Once upon a screen...

The first image that comes to mind when I think of Cary Grant is the classy gentleman that ultimately became his signature style. Most brilliant of all in Grant’s impressive repertoire perhaps was his ability to add the bumbling to the suave sophisticate. That’s the man I adore, but that man didn’t come about easily. It was hard work and perseverance that led to the archetype that’s still recognized as the domain of just one man. One.


Cary Grant was born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England on January 18, 1904. From 1932 to 1966 he appeared in over 70 motion pictures becoming one of the greatest movie stars in the world. Ever. And that’s not an exaggeration as you well know. Beloved and admired by the masses and his peers Grant mastered various film genres turning in memorable performances in broad comedies, murder mysteries, adventure stories and romances.

On that road to becoming Cary Grant the…

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